Mattress H24 Multionda removable 8 cm Memory fabric Silver single 95x195

Mattress H24 Multionda removable 8 cm Memory fabric Silver single 95x195

Mattress H24 Multionda removable 8 cm Memory fabric Silver single 95x195
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Double mattress in memory in 7 areas. Aloe Vera memory foam pillow Insert. There are many different materials and mattresses, with varying degrees of stiffness. There is a better model, then the choice should be made based on some parameters of all subjective.

Old habits, weight, position during sleep and body temperature will be the elements that will guide us in choosing. If you don't know what to do, the easiest choice is to use a memory mattress multionda, extremely comfortable and enveloping has a "semi stiff" Orthopedic ed è resistant to thousands of compressions and nocturnal movements. This mattress It fits perfectly into shapes and weights to support elastic, but very robust is mite and very breathable.

Products that are out of. Quality so other than those serving the majority of our competitors.

CRAFTS , we value what Italy has always been as a strength, imagination and creativity. Innovative the best of traditional Italian and the development of high quality products and fresh and contemporary models. Cheap our products are manufactured directly from factory providing prices that bypass the traditional distribution network. Convenient , Don't waste any time!

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= 8 cm of Memory foam to wave. Follows the proper performance of the column.

7 cm Water Foam Black. 7 cm Water Foam Green. This mattress is one of the best in catalogue , robust and alastico is also the right solution to support important weights. The particular section in memory foam is carved gates so you can work on your body resting perfectly, massaging it, accepting and supporting every pressure point. Hypoallergenic and breathable with Aeration Hinge on 4 sides, completely removable and washable. Memory cushion Aloe Soap version. Sun is one of the best mattresses suitable to support sanitary worked totally Multionda weights and the continuous movements of the body thanks to the processing of the internal sheets in waterfoam, a polyurethane elastic and flexible than semirigid base.

Opposite sides is the temperature-sensitive MEMORY FOAM material that houses the weights of the body adapting to wrap them and support them. This material was used to make it less traumatic pressure of space travel to the astronauts. Over time, the memory has found great application both in the health and wellness field and was used in the quilts of sofas or as mattress sheet as help maintain proper posture of the spinal column. Fabric upholstery in polyester dust mite. With removable cover with ventilation Range H6 cm.

Finished mattress height H24 cm. Slab Multionda consists of: 4 cm Memory Foam in Onda 7 cm Water Foam Black 7 cm Water Foam Green 4 cm Memory Foam in Onda. The mattress comes boxed and vacuum wound. The 8 cm, wave Memory mattress is composed of different layers cut at "multionda "making the Mattress Finito anatomic and relaxing , thought to be modelled and conforms to the shape and weight of the human body supporting the progress properly back and body, by hosting the different pressure points, usually discovered on box spring classics, regalendo finally a feeling of welcoming one.

The Waterfoam black and green, instead offering the bearing capacity suitable to support the weight of the body making the comfortable mattress and Topper. The mattress is inverted and can be used on both sides.

The fabric used in the mattress is entirely removable and washable at 30° as it resists also to numerous washes. Silver is a silver antimicrobial and antistatic fiber fabric. Silver fiber is closely connected irreversibly with a polymer providing greater resistance and durability to rubbing of the body than traditional fabrics on the market. Silver fabric of the mattress has strong anti-sting and is the most suitable mattress coating control electrical waves emanate naturally from the body.

This special feature allows you to instantly dissipate the annoying electrostatic charging and it is also for this reason, that Silver is perhaps the best suitable fabric to rest. Our products are produced in Italy, from where they prevent even the raw materials.

Due to craftsmanship we value what Italy has always been as a strength, imagination and creativity. In addition the Tuscany is a leader in creating innovative and increasingly sophisticated fabrics of the highest quality. The lining of our mattresses allows for proper ventilation, because it possesses a breathable swath H6 cm who runs sideways across the mattress. This allows a continuous air circulation. Lightweight, soft and durable, do not wear out over time and is ideal in warm weather than in cold ones. Don't be alarmed if the box is smaller than one would expect. Once opened, cutting the cellophane, just gently lay the mattress on the bed and wait a few hours for the return to normal size. The item "Mattress H24 Multionda removable 8 cm Memory fabric Silver single 95x195" is in sale since Tuesday, December 06, 2016. This item is in the category "Home, Furniture & DIY\Bedding\Mattress Toppers & Protectors". The seller is "joyshopsrl" and is located in Prato, PO. This item can be shipped worldwide.
Mattress H24 Multionda removable 8 cm Memory fabric Silver single 95x195